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Delegate Marcia Price's 2019 Legislative Priorities from the Campaign Trail

Del. Marcia Price continues to be a strong advocate who is not afraid to ask the hard questions and speak up for issues that affect the 95th District, the Peninsula, and the entire Commonwealth.  To hear directly from Del. Price on these issues in real time, view her YouTube Channel and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

See below for highlights of Del. Price's legislative priorities.  These summaries do not include everything. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

(last updated 9/14/19)

Protecting our Democracy

Our right to vote must be protected as staunchly and fervently as other rights.  The vote is the entry point into our democracy.  I support the proposed Right to Vote Constitutional Amendment that would make voting a right with the only conditions of age, citizenship, residency, and registration.  I have been active and vocal in the work toward independent and community-based Redistricting, removing obstacles to the ballot, and encouraging voter engagement for a true representative democracy.

I support Campaign Finance reform and want to make sure Virginia votes are worth more than corporate contributions.  

As a member of the Privileges and Elections committee, I will remain a strong voice for equitable access to our democracy for all Virginians. 

I am also working hard to make sure that we have a complete count in Virginia for the 2020 Census.  

For our next scheduled redistricting process in 2021, I am most concerned with the guiding rules and criteria that the map drawers must follow.  I have presented and will continue to fight for legislation and proposed constitutional amendments that uphold the Voting Rights Act of 1965, like HB1996 from 2019 that never got a hearing in the Privileges & Elections committee. Reform on who draws the maps and how the maps are drawn must go together.


Gun Violence

Gun Violence Prevention actions in Virginia must be comprehensive and focus on everyday gun violence, domestic violence, youth and gang violence, or suicide.

Since my first Session in 2016, I have introduced legislation to allow for localities to determine their own gun violence prevention policies, on varying degrees from within municipal buildings to locality wide policies. And more recently, during Special Session 2019 on gun violence, I presented these four bills. Click the link to read more and click here to see my bill presentation remarks from the 2019 Crime Commission meeting.

Virginia has a gun violence problem that is 100% preventable but it will take leadership in the House and Senate that will act to make a difference. I support commonsense gun laws like red flag laws, universal background checks, reporting requirements for lost or stolen firearms, investment in crime prevention initiatives, mental health resources to prevent suicide, and licensing and training requirements for gun ownership.

Reproductive Justice

I sponsored the Reproductive Health Equity Act in 2019 and am working hard with partner organizations like ProgressVA and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health to keep reproductive healthcare options safe and legal and to make sure all who need access have it.  Reproductive Justice is a health and economic issue.  And if we say healthcare is a right, then we need to mean all healthcare, including reproductive healthcare. 


Our educational system needs to be reformed to better prepare our students for jobs of today and the future, to have equitable funding models, to invest in our school buildings, to support our educational professionals, and to help students with critical thinking and life skills.  I support funding our schools at pre-recession levels and paying our teachers at the national average or better. I support schools' having the ability to hire more school counselors and mental health professionals as needed to best support their student body.  I oppose education funding models based on property taxes that keep schools with higher needs from receiving the funding they need.

After high school, our students need to be able to continue their education toward their vocation through apprenticeships, paid internships, trade schools, 2-year colleges, and 4-year colleges.  I have been working on Student Debt Reform and College Affordability.  Along with education partners, we garnered the support of my colleagues to pass the first Student Loan Reform bill in the Commonwealth, establishing an Ombudsman to help Virginia borrowers best navigate their repayment options.  I will continue to fight for the Borrowers Bill of Rights as well to make sure that student loan lending is fair and transparent.

I also support legislation that protects and supports students who are survivors of sexual violence.  Francesca's bill resulted from our schools' failing to protect students in the school building.

Economic Justice

I have been very vocal about issues in Economic Justice.  I spoke out against the tax conformity bill that left about 1 million residents out of their so called "tax relief" plan by basing relief on property and income taxes only. I support a fully refundable Earned Income Tax Credit. 

I also know that issues of gender inequities in reproductive justice, equal pay, and sexual harassment at the workplace are issues that must be addressed to remove obstacles and restrictions on women's ability to thrive financially.

I support unions and their work for more fair pay, benefits, and safer workplace environments. I support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, paid medical/sick leave, and repealing Right to Work.

And very foundational to putting justice back into our justice system, we must stop criminalizing those experiencing poverty and rid the General Assembly of the "bootstraps" mentality that fails to acknowledge the role of white supremacy privilege in financial security.


Public Safety

From the ways that laws are enforced to the ways we communicate about emergency preparedness, we must work to make sure our public safety officials are operating from equitable and community-based policies and protocols.

Domestic Terrorism

Working with the Attorney General, I have proposed legislation that would empower state agencies and local governments to protect residents from acts of Domestic Terrorism like the events that occurred in Charlottesville in August 2017.  If the current Department of Justice is working to deprioritize and normalize hate crimes, then the states and local governments must have the tools they need to step up and send a message that hate has no home here.

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