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We appreciate local community members, elected leaders, and organizations that have endorsed Delegate Marcia Price for re-election to represent the 95th District! Check back often as our list will be updated periodically.  Be sure to add your name by clicking here!

I am happy to endorse Del. Cia Price to continue her great representation of the 95th district. I am her constituent, but also am the local group lead of Peninsula Area Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Our group is grateful for all she has done to reduce violence in our district and in the Commonwealth. — Ruth Winters

I endorse Marcia. She is hard working and will continue to work for all people. I know she will continue to do well. — Judith Neal

The Builders Network( through the storm) I just want to pledge my support for Del Price for the up coming election while capable and dedicated she is also passionate for the people in the 95th we know she has a heart for the people — richard Dale

Over the past three years as a City Councilman in Newport News and Vice Chair of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know a number of state and national elected officials. Delegate Price is one of the best I have ever worked with. Not only does she have a comprehensive knowledge of bills before the House of Delegates, but can easily see their impact on the 95th District. She fights for her community. She is a leader among her peers. She makes things happen. She is exactly the type of voice I would want representing me and my family in Richmond. — David Jenkins

Marcia is an advocate of the people with a heart for those in need. She is passionate and enthusiastic about the work she is doing and the people she serves. I am utterly amazed by her talent and dedication to her mission. — Patricia King

Delegate Price cares about the issues I care about, then she fiercely takes action on them to ensure the people in this district are supported. — Diane Umstead

I endorse Marcia "Cia" Price for re-election to the House of Delegates 95th District. — Hakima Muhammad

One of the hardest working Delegate's. She has brought us the Virginia Voting Rights Act, while other states are trying to suppress the vote. She voted to end the death penalty - remarkable ! Delegate Price has led in wage theft reform; caused domestic workers to be covered under the Virginia Human Rights Amendment; increased tenant protections; and showed support for racial equality at the General Assembly and here in the 95th District. Thank you Marcia Price ! — Mason Moseley

As a student leader in Portsmouth, and in the Commonwealth Of Virginia. I would like to endorse Del. Price for Delegate. She is a great voice for Newport News and the Commonwealth Of Virginia. — Janare Davis

Delegate Price does the work she promises to do. Her town halls, online training, email updates, etc. all aim at more transparency and participation in government. I am pleased to endorse Delegate Marcia "Cia" Price for Delegate this year. Margaret (Maggie) Keator Newport News City Council 1982-1990 — Margaret Keator

Thank you for being the strength in the voice for my family. Also for the future our children. Together our voices will be heard "success is backed by strength and support " and you have my family's! Thank you! — Tekisha Anderson

I endorse Delegate Price because she is a friend to children and families, a gun sense candidate and believes in inclusivity! — Diane Umstead

Del. Cia Price is truly committed to her community and it shows! She keeps us informed, engaged, and you can always find her doing something in support of people, businesses, and organizations in the community. Cia is a unique public servant that actually and actively serves, and she has my full and unreserved endorsement. — Joyelle Saunders
Patrick Coleman
EJ Scott
J Catrina Jones
Co-Captain Shore Patrol Neighbor wat h committee
Keren Charles Dongo
Tonya Wyche
Patricia Bryant
Tristan Breaux
Barbara Easter
Marc Rodgers
Vivian T. Daniels
Christina Jackson
Tommy Reamon
Joe White
Adam Jordan
Keisha Wilson
Jon Scott
Lance Jones
Erica Callicutt
Shannon Jones
Isaiah Wigfall
August Bullock
Alexsis Rodgers
Gisele Russell
David Russell
Iggy Tissera
Natale Ward Christian
Jennifer Byrd
Rhonda Arrington
Shonda Dawson
Alcina Phipps
LaKisha Ireland
Jennifer Smith Brown
Demetria Petty-Manes
Tifani Garris
Roslyn Haysbert
Patricia Mosely
Mark Graham
Tram Nguyen
Morgan Guthridge
Demontre Boone
Randy Dillard
Keenan Bratton
Alexandria Bratton
James Watkins
Timothy Tee Boddie
A'na Grace
Dwayne Taylor
Grace Ridley
Lindsay Johnson
Linda Miller
Hillary Horn
Michele Pickens
Ethel Lee
José Tissera
Ruth Deibler
Corey Barnes

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