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At a recent Teen Round Table, I heard from teenagers about their being left out of the economic stimulus responses from the pandemic.  We are working together to raise awareness about this and to talk with federal level law makers to make sure this gets fixed.  See below for how you can help! -Del. Cia Price



Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks) from the CARES Act gave base level payments of $1200 to individuals, $2400 for couples, and $500 for each dependent aged "under 17". These payments did not include 17 year old dependents in calculations for amounts that families would receive. They were not eligible for the $1200 if they were not emancipated and their families did not receive the $500 for them as dependents.

This is not fair. Many 17 year olds are actually working on the front lines in grocery stores and restaurants and they should not be left out. Others have been laid off from their jobs like in recreation and entertainment industries and have lost their income that often helped their families make ends meet. Some are even saving for college and this loss of income will affect the plans for their future. Those that are 17 years old are still dependents and should not be treated differently than those who are 16 years old.

In the next COVID-19 response bill from the federal level, 17 year old residents should be included and the families should receive the $500 payments for every 17 year old from the CARES Act. They should also be included in any future relief measures that are passed.

Sign this Petition to show your support in families receiving $500 economic stimulus funds for 17 year old dependents and 17 year olds being included in any future COVID19 relief packages. #500For17

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