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Price's Full Statement on Clinton Endorsement

Delegate Price Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Campaign Statement

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Newport News, VA - Sen. Bernie Sanders made history in this Presidential Election.  He catapulted progressive concerns to the forefront of the national conversation and grew a much needed revolution of thought and action in our political system.  Sanders awakened the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, demonstrating deep compassion for the people, especially for the most vulnerable of our society.

Because of his tenacity, Democrats from all over America arrived in Philadelphia to one of the most progressive Democratic platforms and conventions of our lifetimes.  He must be commended for his tireless work and accomplishments during his campaign. And on Monday night, Bernie Sanders delivered a poignant speech urging us toward our future, saying that our revolution and our struggle continue.  He stated, “This election is about and must be about the American people and the future we create for our children and grandchildren.” They, more than anything else, must remain our focus. 

The future we create for them is much bigger than any one person. The future we build for them will be bright because so many of us worked together for change.  Like many of you, I still will be “feeling the Bern” because Bernie invigorated in me something bold and wonderful -- confidence and courage to stand up for what I believe.  And I’ll take that with me as we move on to the next steps in our journey to electing the first woman President of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton.

It is rare that we ever find leaders with whom we agree 100%. But let me be clear, of my list, Clinton would be a strong advocate and fighter for several big ticket items.  The alternative candidate has demonstrated that the values and concerns of my district are not his priority.  With the complexities of our lives and the intersectionality of issues across the country, we cannot afford to be single issue voters.  I see that with Clinton, I have a candidate that will fight for the issues that matter to us most.

As President, Hillary Clinton will fight for social justice issues, work hard to strengthen working families, raise the minimum wage to a living wage, appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Citizens United and uphold the constitutionality of a woman’s right to chose, invest in pre-K through college education, work toward full equality for the LGBTQ+ community, fight for equal pay for equal work, create and keep good jobs in the United States, work to unite racial and economic divides, embrace innovation and technological advancements, fight for real immigration reform, and invest in evidence-based and comprehensive strategies to violence prevention. These strides would improve the lives of millions of Americans across the country, including my constituents in the 95th House District.

As a young, Black, female the thought of not voting has never crossed my mind because I know what is at stake.  It is absolutely incumbent upon me to vote in November and to vote for the candidate that will fight for a large part of my legislative agenda, that will create a better future for our children.  If not, I implicitly vote for the candidate that would undermine the progress we have made, set a horrible example of bullying, and negatively impact the future of generations to come.   I will not in good conscience stay silent at this important time.  Now more than ever, our voices must be heard, by exercising our vote on Election Day.

We have so much to do.  We cannot waste time on division.  We must move forward and fight for our values and our issues, together, in unity.

The unity we seek must be more than slogans.  Our unity must be our willingness to work together, knowing that we need each other in order to win.  Any anger and vitriol cannot be aimed within, even if it is based on principle and passion.  Our energy must be harnessed to fight for our principles with passion for the candidate that will accomplish more of our goals.  Unity takes work and I am hopeful that together as a party, we will embrace true unity toward a common goal of keeping America moving forward, stronger together.

This endorsement is expressing my faith in Hillary Clinton’s abilities to make positive changes. But this is not a blind or inactive faith.  It is an active faith that each of us will commit to working with her and other Democrats to accomplish our goals while holding each other accountable.  We cannot cower in the face of hate or be silent in the face of divisiveness.  

I’m with working families, I’m with the parents who have lost children to gun violence, I’m with teachers, I’m with law enforcement, I’m with our youth who are our bright future and deserve protection and empowerment, I’m with those fighting for equality, I’m with my sisters who deserve equal pay, I’m with those who need better access to health care, I’m with those drowning in student loan debt, I’m with those creating good jobs for our citizens, I’m with the LGBTQ+ community, I’m with ex-offenders who deserve a second chance, I’m with immigrant families that need a sense of security and safety, I’m with those who are working to make the American Dream more inclusive and attainable, and that’s why, today, I’m with Her.


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