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Del. Price denounces hate in Williamsburg

Delegate Price Speaks Out at Trump/Pence Rally
September 20, 2016
Press Release
Contact: Tempestt Boone, 757-251-0787

WILLIAMSBURG, VA – Today, Delegate Marcia S. “Cia” Price participated in a press conference to denounce the racist and divisive rhetoric of the Trump campaign.  In the rain, Price joined Sen. Mamie Locke (2nd District) and Cliff Hayes, the Democratic Nominee for the 77th House District in speaking to the racially charged birther comments the Republican Presidential Nominee has espoused for years. Behind the speakers were several members of the Williamsburg community and students from William & Mary who joined the press conference to show their support for Hillary Clinton for President.

Del. Price stated in her remarks, “Trump has refused to apologize or take accountability for his years of divisive rhetoric, peddling a bigoted attack against our country’s first black president. What’s worse is that in absence of that apology, he and Mr. Pence continue to push for policies and politics that are steeped in the same racist, sexist, and xenophobic philosophies that he has embraced, dating back to his early career.”  

She continued to outline the policies and offered, “Yes, President Obama is an American.  And yes, Mr. Trump’s stances on the issues that affect us all have not changed.  His push for trickle-down economics and his stance against a living wage help the top 1% and hurt American workers, solidifying the disparities in pay and weakening our families.  His stances on racial profiling, religious profiling, voting rights, and immigration are still harmful to the progress we have made as a nation over generations of blood, sweat, and tears.”  

In closing, Del. Price stated that though the campaign had changed course on the birther comments, “Nothing has changed and we are not fooled by his 180 on his birther conspiracy theory.  We also are not fooled by his continued disregard for minorities and women. What do we have to lose?  Well at the top of the list are our physical safety, justice, freedom, and equality.  Life and death decisions are in the balance and we cannot afford these games and attacks.”

Delegate Price represents the 95th House District, serving parts of Newport News and Hampton.


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