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Full Comments from Board of Health Meeting

Delegate Price's Full Comments

Board of Health Meeting 9/15/16

Richmond, VA  --- "Good morning.  I am Delegate Marcia Price of the 95th District.  The oath that we take as Virginia legislators defines our role.  I am a legislator that believes in the three branches of government with checks and balances.  I am a legislator that represents a population that statistically has less access to healthcare and the most need. I am a legislator that believes in doing the right thing.  I am a legislator who is concerned with how Virginia will move forward in light of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt where the Supreme Court ruled that the sham restrictions in Texas are unconstitutional.

While we are facing a budget shortfall with upcoming tough decisions on cuts, now is not the time potentially to spend tax payer dollars on expensive court cases if we refuse to align our laws and regulations with that of the Supreme Court decision.

One of my colleagues was quoted as saying that the need to delay the vote today was a “borderline breach of the public trust” as he was worried about the message being sent to the public.  Well I ask, what message does it send to the public if the Commonwealth of Virginia chooses to knowingly enforce restrictions that have been deemed Unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court? 

A presumptive admin error pales in comparison to a willful and deliberate attack on women’s rights and the enforcement of unconstitutional clinic shutdown laws that restrict access to healthcare.  Virginians need MORE access to health care – NOT LESS.

The legislature should trust women and their doctors and the Board of Health should trust the US Supreme Court.  Today is about YOU, our esteemed Board of Health of the Commonwealth of Virginia, standing up to do the right thing and refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws.  Today and your hopefully expedited impending vote are about upholding the efficacy of our beloved institution.  Thank you."

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