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Price Endorses Sanders For President

February 28, 2016
Tempestt Boone, Press Contact
Phone: 757-618-2953


Newport News, VA - Today, Delegate Marcia S. “Cia” Price endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday.  Economic development, education, safer neighborhoods, and equality have been her top priorities for over 10 years and they stand to be top issues for the 95th District, the Commonwealth, and the Nation.  

Price stated, “The next President of the United States will have a huge impact on the opportunities that are available for our youth, marginalized communities, and the middle class.  Our next President must understand the complexities of intersectional and institutional injustice and have the courage to take on entities that stand as obstacles to achieving justice.  And our next President must espouse policies that create a brighter future for our children.”

Price continued, “Sen. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for the issues that are important to my district and to me.  Sen. Sanders has been fighting for social justice since he was younger than me and exudes the passion and fortitude needed to lead our country.”

Sen. Sanders has proven his willingness to take on Wall Street and the injustice of hard earned taxpayer dollars going to corporate welfare.  His Employ Young Americans Now Act, thoughts on raising minimum wage, and plans to strengthen our pre-K through College educational system all demonstrate his commitment to investing in the success of our next generation.

From supporting community policing, body cameras, to demilitarizing our local police departments, Sanders sees the value in creating better relationships between the community and law enforcement to fight crime and make neighborhoods safer. 

For Price, “The most important of the issues that Sen. Sanders is taking on is Criminal Justice Reform.  His stances on the prison industrial complex, eliminating mandatory minimums, working on mental health issues in meaningful ways, all while dismantling the ‘Cradle to Prison Pipeline’ are the type of forward-thinking and solutions-oriented initiatives we need.”  Price added, “But we can’t stop just at dismantling.  We must also rebuild the ‘Cradle to Success Pipeline’, with evidence-based prevention and intervention efforts to keep our children safe and help them live out their dreams.  Bernie gets this.”

Finally, for social justice, Price sees it as important that Bernie is willing to fight for gender equality, LGBTQ equality, women’s access to healthcare, and strengthening our families.

“I take very seriously the needs of my district, the issues that my constituents have voiced, and my personal commitment to fighting for them.  It is this reason that I endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for President.  I encourage you to vote for him on Tuesday,” Price said.

"We're thrilled to receive the endorsement of Delegate Price," said Peter Clerkin, Bernie 2016 Virginia state director. "As part of a new generation of leadership in the Commonwealth, her work in the House of Delegates for racial and economic justice, affordable healthcare, and public education aligns so well with the policies Senator Sanders is putting forward. The Senator always says this campaign isn't about him – it's about each of us doing our part in the political revolution. Delegate Price is doing her part, and we look forward to partnering with her to create a more just Virginia”.

The Democratic Primary in Virginia will be held on Tuesday, March 1st.  For more information, including your polling place, please visit


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