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Price Submits Budget Amendments

January 12, 2018
Press Release
Media Contact: Tempestt Boone, 757-266-5935

RICHMOND, VA – Del. Marcia “Cia” Price (95th District) today submitted three proposed budget amendments for the 2018 Legislative Session. Budget amendments are how legislators can ask for additional funding for initiatives important to them. Price’s first would add funding for the City of Newport News to help convert the Summer Training and Enrichment Program to run all year and potentially become a model program for the Commonwealth. Over the last four years, Newport News has funded STEP to match 16-24 year olds with local businesses and organizations for summer on-the-job workforce training. This employment opportunity has been invaluable in improving the quality of life of the participant and preventing youth gang and gun violence. Expanding the program to run all year would be an even bigger impact on economic development and public safety.

Another one of Price’s proposed budget amendments would help Newport News Public Schools create extended learning opportunities for middle and high school students by providing mechanisms for meaningful community service. This public-private partnership would create workforce training experiences while the students participate in community service. Learning both the value of giving of one’s time and skills toward employment can help further prepare students to be college, career, and citizen ready.

Price’s third proposed budget amendment is in conjunction with HB615 for the purpose of creating the Virginia Student Loan Refinancing Authority. This Authority’s purpose is to facilitate the education of the residents of the Commonwealth and promote economic development. It would accomplish this by developing and implementing a program to help Virginia students who attend institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth refinance their student loans. Excessive student loan debt is negatively impacting the Virginia economy and the upward mobility of students who carry the debt with high interest rates.

“In an effort to grow the New Virginia Economy and create economic opportunities for our young people in the Commonwealth, I have proposed these budget amendments with the hopes of my colleagues seeing the value of investing dollars toward better outcomes,” Price said.

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