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Sheriffs Endorse Price

Both Hampton & Newport News Sheriffs Endorse
Marcia Price for the House of Delegates 

October 26, 2015
Press Release
NEWPORT NEWS, VA -  Hampton Sheriff B.J. Roberts and Newport News Sheriff Gabe Morgan have endorsed Marcia Price, candidate for the House of Delegates - 95th district.   

"Marcia Price has made education, jobs and justice her priorities.  I am convinced she will be a champion for these issues that are most important to the people of the 95th District. She was raised in the 95th District and she continues to live in and fight for the 95th District. I wholeheartedly support her and I am asking you to join me in sending her to Richmond to represent the 95th District,” stated Sheriff Gabe Morgan.

In response, Price commented, “Both of these Sheriffs on the Peninsula work hard every day.  We are blessed to have leaders in law enforcement that believe in prevention, intervention, enforcement, and reentry measures.  We must work continue to work with comprehensive plans and collectively as a community to help support their efforts.  I thank them both for all they are doing to positively impact our area and I appreciate their support.”

Sheriff Gabe Morgan is currently serving in his third term as the Sheriff of Newport News, Virginia. His first term of office began on January 1, 2006.
Sheriff B.J. Roberts was elected as Sheriff of the City of Hampton in 1992. He has served consecutively since that time.


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