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Today is Census Day!

Today is Census Day!  The 2020 Census is very important for the 95th District.  I encourage you to complete yours today!  You can complete it online, by phone, or by mail. We can't afford to go undercounted, so please make sure your loved ones have all be counted. 

For every person that chooses not to fill out the Census, they leave an estimated $2,000 on the table per year, for 10 years.  That's right, PER PERSON!  So YOU can take 15 minutes of your day and it's like giving your community $20,000! 

Census data is used to determine federal funding for things like school meals, roads, healthcare, utilities, tuition assistance, and democratic processes like redistricting.  Census data is also used to figure how many of the 435 voting members of Congress are spread out over the nation.  And guess what?! Census data is being used RIGHT NOW for disaster response actions for COVID19.  So whether or not people filled out their Census in 2010 is affecting us right now.  We have no idea what will happen in the next 10 years, so let's be sure to be counted just in case.

We have the chance to use our Census as a tool to fight for the resources WE need in our community.  

YOU can make a BIG difference with 15 minutes.  

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